RPC History Week 20 4/3/15

Today I’m going to talk about the Peloponnesian War.

When the Persians were defeated in 481, the Greek Allied States decided to break down the alliance. And Sparta left the Delian League.

For a while Sparta and Athens were arguing often which brought stress between the two city-states.

Finally, in 459 BC a war broke out. Megara and Corinth began fighting and Athens ended its treaty with Megara. The war lasted 15 years.

Then, Sparta invaded Attica and that forced Athens to return the lands it had conquered. Finally the war ended and there was a peace agreement call The Thirty Years’ Peace.

Then Athens broke the peace treaty because they imposed trade sanctions with Megara, they fought a side battle against Corcyra in which Athens had no stake, and they also commanded the walls of Potidaea to be torn down which lead to the next war.


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