RPC History Week 19 3/27/15

Today I will be talking about Queen Esther. Esther is her Persian name her Jew name is Hadassah.

It started when King Ahasuerus held a festival which is 180 days long before invading Greece. Then he wanted the queen, Vashti, to join the party, cause she was still in the castle. He wanted her to show off and wear her crown, but she refused to do so. Then, Ahasuerus who was drunk, divorced with her and she was dismissed from her position as queen.

Then when Ahasuerus returned from Greece people were saying that the king should get a new queen. The king finally choose a new queen named Esther. Queen Esther was a Jew and was raised by her cousin Mordecai.

Then Haman a Agagite who hated Jews and was the vizier of King Ahasuerus. Decreed with the king to kill all of the Jews in a certain day of the year, but didn’t say which tribe. So the king agreed, but Mordecai heard about it so he told Esther to go to the king and ask him to take back the decree against the Jews. So then she asked him to take back the decree, but the king said he cannot take back the decree, but he can make another decree saying that the Jews can fight back.

Afterwards, he executed Haman and his family(because he found out it was Esther’s tribe) and promoted Mordecai in his position.


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