RPC History Week 18 3/20/15

In this essay I will be talking about Nehemiah.

Nehemiah was a Jew, he was living in Babylon when King Artaxerxes was reigning. When a relative of his went to visit him, he told him that Jerusalem was not rebuilt, and then he was sad and really wanted to go help rebuild the city, but he had to stay to serve the king.

Nehemiah had a very important job in Persia, he was the cup-bearer for King Artaxerxes. Basically a cup-bearer is a person who tastes the kings wine before letting the king drink it, just in case if the wine is poisoned.

When Nehemiah was serving the king, the king noticed that he was sad, so he asked why is he sad, Nehemiah hesitated for he did not know what the king would say if he says the truth. But he can not lie to the king, so he said that Jerusalem was not complete and wished to go to Jerusalem to help rebuild the city walls, and the king granted his wish.

So then Nehemiah finally arrived to Jerusalem and saw that the wall was half-finished. Then the wall was finished in 52 days less than 2 months. The way they did finished it so fast is because Nehemiah told each person to go to the part of the city that belongs to their family or their tribe and build from the inside.


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