RPC History Week 15 2/27/15

In Greece marriage was a big thing. It was important to carry on the families name. But     women didn’t get much attention, and they had little freedom. Women get married when they are 15 and men get married when they’re 30. When you get married the bride always has to move in with the groom.

The women’s job is to do the household chores and give birth. They have no right to vote, and they only be in the public if there’s religious festival, a funeral, or a birth. And if they divorce with the father, the children stays with their father.

When there is a birth the father has the choice to keep the baby or abandon the baby. If they don’t want the baby they will leave the baby outside the city to die or if a family wants a slave they will adopt the baby and keep him or her as a slave. And since girls can’t be given the inheritance, having a boy is better than having a girl back then.

At age 7 boys will start school. If you are poor you will only learn basic stuff, but if you are wealthy you can either got to 3 schools:

  1. Grammatites — reading, writing, and arithmetic
  2. Kitharistes — music and poetry
  3. Paidotribes — dancing and athletics

Now that was just about Athens, now compare it to Sparta.

In Sparta they think that family loyalty makes the state weaker, and it was important that the military is strong and to make the military stronger they have to break up the families.

So to do that

  1. Married couples can not be seen together so they have to meet secretly
  2. All men have to eat at the military mess hall, even the king
  3. At age 7, all boys has to be sent to live at the military barracks
  4. Boys were taught to live life hard even from a young age, they wanted them to be strong, so then they force them sleep on hard ground with no blanket, and they want more food they will have to steal and if they get caught they will be punished, but if they are successful they are fine

Both Athens and Sparta is very different, Athens were interested in growing culture and families but Sparta are into building a military state.


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