Grammar and Writing 7 “Descriptive Essay” 1/14/15

My older brother is 1 year older than me and is very fun and sometimes he can be violent when he’s very mad.

He has slightly dark skin, black hair, dark eyes, blackish eyebrows, and not too long eyelashes. He wears glasses and always wears his watch except when sleeping and showering.

His hobbies are playing Minecraft, Halo, Call of Duty(he doesn’t have Call of Duty but he played it before so he wants it), and all First Person gun games from Tom Clancy and Microsoft. His favorite board games are a game called Risk and Stratego.

So I’m telling you it’s not always nice to have a big brother but sometimes it is, because you get lonely when you got nobody to play with. Also, he has a blog if want to check it out:


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