Grammar and Writing 7 “Personal Narrative” 1/8/15

When me, my brother, my family, and our friend went to South Lake Tahoe for one week. One of the days we all went skiing except the grown-ups of course.

When we arrived at Soda Spring(a place to go skiing), we first went to rent the ski and the ski boots, but there was a huge line for renting the ski and the ski boots. Then finally we got the skis and the ski boots and we were waiting to take a lesson, and while we were waiting our friend skied before, so she taught us some simple things about skiing, also she was nice and took the lesson with us.

After the lesson we all went up a lift to go up on a high mountain, twice the lift stopped while we were on it, it was very cold and I was a little frightened. Once we got on top of the mountain we skied down fast and it was really fun but we only got to go down the mountain 2 times.

Right after we took off our ski and ski boots to return, me and my mom went to get hot chocolate, but my friend was lucky because her mom got these kind of tickets to ride a small snowmobile and my brother watched her so he didn’t get any hot chocolate.

Finally we went home and rested, and during the whole day I was thinking when am I going skiing again.


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