Grammar and Writing 7 Research Paper “The Opossum, a Good Neighbor”

Opossums are really cute and friendly creatures, but some people think their ugly and scary, they only attack when their frightened.  There are a lot of types of opossums Short-tailed Opossums, Virginia Opossums, Brushtail Opossum, North America Opossums, and many more.

Opossums are really great pets, cause for a dog you have to walk it 3 times a day and wash him, and a cat usually like to stay outside or do something else. But a opossum you could pet him, and it’s easier to wash him because he is smaller.


Here above is a cute baby possum(I’m guessing it’s a girl) wearing a pink bow


When the opossum is full of eating he will stop when ever he needs to. A diet is very important to an opossum, so they must eat high on protein and low-fat dry food. So always make sure his bowl is full at all times. Meals that are cooked should also be included into his diet, but the foods he should eat every single day are fruits and vegetables, and also make sure his bowl of water is full at all times.

What’s cool about an opossum is that they can live just about anywhere with water, food, and shelter, also they can live up to 10 years. However, in the wild very little possums live past their first year, because they have numerous predators, including us humans.

Usually, opossums are good to have in the house, for they eat many types of insects, including cockroaches, they also catch rats, mice, dispose of dead animal, eat over-ripe fruit and berries,.

The North American opossum is a great pet, especially if their hand fed. Here’s a picture of a cute North American opossum below.


So, if you want a pet you could always choose a opossum, it’s always a great pet. This is a video on YouTube about a cute opossum chilling on the couch waiting for dinner.



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